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Capill'O Cube

Capill’O Cube is a real vegetable revolution, arising from 4 and a half years of research and development involved to domestic micro-irrigation technical solutions. This concept success provides from a binom.

The planter

It is made from 2 units : the top part incorporates the actual pot of the plant (you don't need to pot). The bottom part pivots in order to make the filling in easier.

The wick

It is delivered with each Capill'O Cube. Pricked in the bottom of the pot of your plant, It will give it the optimal irrigation for its growth during the photosynthesis cycle.

Thanks to Capill'O Cube, your plants flourish in a spectacular way while needing just a minimal attention.

A range specially developed for cactus and succulents benefits from a specific wick.

croquis technique.png

The genius

of watering

Capill’O Cube uses a watering system very known by gardeners : capillarity. The particular innovation focused on the specificity of the interior structure of the modules (which allows for optimal drainage while preserving the aeration of the substrate), and the wick efficiency (whose size, length and material were the subject of hundreds of real-life tests).

The control of these two parameters allows to perfectly simulate the ideal conditions of natural fulfillment.


Plant pot

Flow of the aeration of substrate

Humidification of substrate by capillarity

Wick Capill'O®

Water reserve


A very attaching


Capill'O Cube® can land anywhere naturally, like all pot covers. But thanks to its magnetic surface, it is also very comfortable on vertical iron surfaces (fridge door, stair railing or balcony...).

The exclusive metal accessories of Capill'O Concept allow the most daring floral compositions in your interior.


You have green thumbs from now on

Using Capill’O Cube® is as easy as ABC. Your secret will be now summarized into these 3 simple steps. You are now reconciled with the plants.  You already love Capill'O Cube!

I hook the wick of Capill'O® in the bottom of the pot.

I put the pot in the Capill'O Cube®. The wick goes through the first unit and falls into the second.




I fill in the water in the second unit of Capill'O Cube®. 


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