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Integrate plants in interior decoration projects

Thanks to its magnetic power and its simplicity of watering, Capill'O Cube allows an optimal incorporation of the plant in all decoration projects, even the most daring.

Our matt black lacquered metal plates Solo, Duo or Trio guarantee a successful aesthetic integration, but you can also imagine a much more daring custom installation. Capill'O Cube never limits your imagination!


Say it with flowers!

Capill'O Cube can be the ideal partner for your flowery messages. A metal plate Solo, Duo or Trio and a gouache marker will deliver a message in the most beautiful way. A very original gift to put or hang on the wall.

For the pros too...

Catering and hotel professionals, Capill'O Cube is also a means of communicating in your establishment with originality and elegance. From easy maintenance, to pose or hang on the wall, thanks to a simple gouache felt, Capill'O Cube will be a appreciated customer assistant.

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