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Trio wallplate + 3 Capill'O White Cubes

Trio wallplate + 3 Capill'O White Cubes

VAT Included

Pack consisting of 3 Capill'O Cubes + 1 matt black thermo-lacquered plate. To hang on the wall.

Capill'O Cube is a plant-pot composed of 2 modules: the one of the top receives the pot of your plant, that of the bottom the reserve of water. Irrigation ensured by the wick Capill'O®, which will deliver to the plant the right amount of water necessary for its blossoming.


  • Color: matt black
  • Can be personalized with a gouache felt.
  • Hole for wall mounting
  • Sun 30 x 70 cm

Capill'O Cube

  • White colour
  • Magnetic: adheres to iron surfaces
  • Dim. 7 x 7 x 14 cm
  • Cont. max of the water reserve: 21 cl
  • Equipped with Capill'O wicking
  • Suitable for pots diam. 6 and 6.5 cm
  • Comes with explanatory note

Plant not included

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