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Jacques et Mylène Reussard

Horticultural inventors


of a couple

The concept of Capill’O is, above all, a story of a couple and a common passion for  the nature, the trees and the plants, like deep needs to be in contact with the world of plants in order to be happy.

Jacques Reussard has been fallen on to the soil from very early age. The horticulture is in his DNA since 3 generations. His wife, Mylène, cannot breathe in the cities. She needs to be around the trees, to be in a countryside, and to hear birds’ singing to keep her smile.

Needless to say, their house is full of plants, green or flowering. And like green thumbs is a second nature for Jacques, these small wonders grew and multiplied in abundance both inside where they bloom with the light from the windows, Mylène ends up spending long time watering.

Jacques, who is a fine handyman (and an attentive husband), has felt an urgence to invent a long-lasting solution to care for his sweet heart. The concept of Capill’O is sown.

So, their house is transformed into an atelier and an experimental green house. This was a summed and shared choice. The new project of the accomplice couple was a challenge to take up!

Everything in their live for the next four years revolved around their project; they ate, drank, slept and spoke only of Capill’o, even when at times discouragement surrounded them.

After many months of experimentations, the concept of the wick Capill'O was technically approved and came the moment for Mylène to add her feminine touch to it. From this luminous idea, she imagined an elegant object, practical and accessible : Capill'O Cube is the ideal planter to optimize the performance of this amazing invention.

The duo team worked perfectly: Mylène had a precise idea of the aspect, the form, and even the name, and Jacques made the prototypes ensuring to respect the technical demands associated with the well-being of the plants.

When the realization of the product finally came to success, they sat down, satisfied, and asked themselves a fateful question : Why do they keep this invention just for themselves? So, they have decided to create a startup company, almost at the age of 60.

Do you call this crazy? By discovering Capill’O Cube, you will understand why the Jury of Concours Lépine 2018 said that their little seed of the craziness is sweet, caring, and after all very contagious!

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